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  4. Server Dynamic x250 Opening on September 18 at 18:00 Server Time Hot* 5 WINNERS of 40$ USD FB Raffle Event. Info HERE Receive up to 3300 Free Credits Skype Event. Info HERE Beginner Bonus: All Stats 250, Zen 250k, FREEBIE SET Guide on how to Earn Free Credits. Info HERE Game Guides and Tutorials. Info HERE Basic Server information: Version: Season 9.5 Experience: x250 - x100 (Dynamic) Master experience: x50 Drop: 30% Maximum level: 400 Maximum master level: 350 Points per level: 5/7/7 Points per master level: 2 Maximum stat: 32000 Cash Shop Enabled - Seals and Pets Wcoins Exchange Enabled (24 Hours After Opened) Mu Helper: from level 30 Mu Helper cost: 200 Zen * level Pk clear cost: 3kk Zen * pk count Monster Spots in all maps Elf Soldier buff Till: 300 level Create level MG, DL = 1 Create level RF, Sum = 1 Dynamic Experience: Reset 0 - 10 = x250 (100%) Reset 11 - 15 = x225 (90%) Reset 16 - 20 = x200 (80%) Reset 21 - 25 = x175 (70%) Reset 26 - 30 = x150 (60%) Reset 31 - 35 = x125 (50%) Reset 36 - 40 = x100 (40%) Reset System: Reset level = 400 Reset Level VIP = 380 Reset limit = 40 After reset: stat points clear After reset free stat points: SM, ELF, BK, SUM = 1500 points * resets MG, DL, RF = 1600 points * resets Reset reward = 40 Credits Reset cost = 1kk Zen * resets Grand Reset System: Grand reset from = 40 resets Grand reset limit = 15 After grand reset free stat points: 1200 points * grand resets Grand reset reward: 16 000 Credits Max total stats = 78 000 and 82 000 Item Shop Limits: Maximum excellent options: 3 Maximum socket options: 2 Maximum item level: +12 (upgrade up to +15 only in game) Excellent + Ancient: ON Excellent + Socket: ON Ancient + Harmony: ON Server and Game Features: Reconnect System - No Disconnects Off Leveling System - Level up offline mode Auto Party System - Party matching Muun System - Receive all kind of Muun Pets in game Off-trade System - Trade items being offline Pandora Mining System - Receive jewels by mining Monster hp, defense, damage increased - harder level up 380/400 Items work from level 0 - use all items Blood Castle, Devil Square, Doppelganger bonus exp + 30x Find up to 3 Excellent options items in game Chance rates: One = 54%, Two = 45%, Three = 1% Find up to 5 empty sockets in game Receive Goblin Points for every 1 hour you spend online in game! Command Offlevel cost only 1kk Zen per 1 hour Receive Credits for every 1 hour you spend online in game! Receive 15 Wcoins by finishing in Game Events: BC, DS, CC, Crywolf, Nightmare, Doppelganger Party Experience: Normal Party 2 Exp Bonus = - 5% Normal Party 3 Exp Bonus = + 5% Normal Party 4 Exp Bonus = + 15% Normal Party 5 Exp bonus = + 25% Set Party 3 Exp Bonus = + 10% (different classes) Set Party 4 Exp Bonus = + 20% (different classes) Set Party 5 Exp Bonus = + 30% (different classes) Chaos Machine and Combination Rates: Objects +10, +11 = 70% Objects +12, +13 = 60% Objects +14, +15 = 40% Jewel of Bless - 100% Jewel of Soul - 70% Jewel of Life - 65% + Luck increase the probability of success by 20% Feather Of Condor Max Rate = 60% Wings level 2 Mix Max Rate = 90% Wings level 2.5 Mix Max Rate = 60% Cape Of Lord Mix Max Rate = 90% Wings level 3 Mix Max Rate = 40% Chance for Excellent option when making Wings level 3 = 50% Chance for Luck option when making Wings level 3 = 60% Website Functions: VIP system: (several benefits being VIP player) Market system: (sell items for credits, wcoins, jewels, zen) Vote reward system: (credits by voting for us every 12 hours) Online hours system: (credits being online while play) Referral system: (credits by referring others to join game) Zen wallet system: (transfer zen to website zen bank) Web warehouse: (transfer items to web warehouse, unlimited space) Hidden info: (Hide information, location from others) Clear skill tree: (clear your skill tree points placed) Clear inventory: (clear character inventory) In-Game Command list: /post (a message within actual Game Server) /addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addene, /addcmd /pkclear (allows to clear PK status for ZEN) /war (allows to propose a War to opponent Guild) /prop (allows to propose a marry to other player) /accept (allows to accept marry proposal) /teleport (teleports yourself to your marriage partner) /divorce (allows to take divorce) /dcfriend (Allows to disconnect specified character if know his name,password) /battlesoccer (allows to challenge opposite guild for a battle Soccer match) /requests (all requests on or off) /offtrade (activate off-trade sale) /setparty (allows to set password for AutoParty system)
  5. 1) LIKE Page, 2) SHARE this Post, 3) COMMENT User ID (login) and TAG at least 5 friends to WIN $ 40 USD Credits in a RAFFLE! We will draw 5 lucky winners on September 23 using classtools .net /random-name-picker/ with video!Register, Invite friends, and Win in this Lottery! Do all steps required and probably YOU will be one of 5 lucky winners of 40$! See you in game, wish you a happy gaming!
  6. 1. Write a message in Skype (mood section): 2. Add our Server Skype to your contacts: live:admin_120088 3. Send an instant message to a group: You must make a conversation group with your friends, and tell them about this wonderful event and server. Come up with your own invitation text. Remember that you can use your Referral Link. For each player who will register using your Referral Link you receive extra Credits. Referral Rewards see HERE. 4. Requirements and prizes: Group of 30+ friends - 1100 Credits. Group of 100+ friends - 3300 Credits. 5. Fill the form: Account name (login) Screenshot from Skype mood message Screenshot from Skype Group Reward will be issued 18.09.2018 The event active until 30.09.2018
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  8. Basically any class can defeat any. The most depends on sets. socket sets are the best.
  9. blade master is still no. 1
  10. Date is not known. August end or start of September
  11. когда выйдет х20?
  12. HELLO ALL, FEEL FREE TO READ CURRENT CONFIGS FOR X20 AND TELL YOUR OPINION. IF YOU THINK SOMETHING IS NOT GOOD AND SHOULD BE CHANGED LET US KNOW. THIS TOPIC IS MADE IN A REASON TO MAKE UPCOMING X20 AS GOOD AS CAN BE. » Max Resets: 10 » WebShop: OFF » CashShop (X Shop): ON » Full Option Items: OFF » Excellent + Socket Items: OFF » Main values Wcoins, Jewels, Zen Version: Season 9.5 Dynamic Experience: x20 to x10 Master Level experience: x10 Drop: 25% Maximum level: 400 Maximum master level: 350 Points per level: 5/7/7 Points per master level: 2 Mu Helper: from level 1 Mu Helper cost: 150 Zen * level Pk clear cost: 3kk Zen * pk count Monster Spots in all maps Elf Soldier buff Till: 300 level Create level MG, DL = 50, 100 Create level RF, Sum = 150 Reset 0 - 2 = x20 (100%) Reset 3 - 4 = x18 (90%) Reset 5 - 6 = x16 (80%) Reset 7 - 8 = x13 (65%) Reset 9 - 10 = x10 (50%) Reset limit: 10 After reset: stat points clear After reset free stat points: SM, ELF, BK, SUM: 1000 points * resets MG, DL, RF: 1100 points * resets Reset reward: 50 Wcoins Reset cost: 10kk Zen * resets Max Stats with 10 RR and 400 LVL: 12400 and 13800 Drop up to 4 Excellent option items in game Chance rates: One = 50%, Two = 35%, Three = 10%, Four = 5% Drop up to 5 Empty Sockets in game and add seeds manually Command /offlevel cost is set to 15 Goblin Points per 1 hour Receive 30 Goblin Points for every 1 hour you spend online in game Receive 1 Goblin Point for every Chocolate Box dropped on the ground Receive 10 Wcoins if Finish Event BC, DS, CC, IT, Doppelganger Receive 1 Wcoin for killing every Golden Monster Receive 5 Wcoins for killing map Bosses Experience increase in Battle Maps +10% Normal Party 2 Exp Bonus = - 5%Normal Party 3 Exp Bonus = + 5%Normal Party 4 Exp Bonus = + 15%Normal Party 5 Exp bonus = + 25%Set Party 3 Exp Bonus = + 10% (different classes)Set Party 4 Exp Bonus = + 20% (different classes)Set Party 5 Exp Bonus = + 30% (different classes)
  13. V

    Wich do you think is the best class for pvp this season? And why.
  14. V

    Any solutions for crashing resolution changer? It seems to crash no matter what resolution i select. Thank you.
  15. u mnogih Deti rabota semia i net vremeni sideti celii deni za kompom SPS ewe razok )))
  16. Klass Spasibo Admin cto dal takuiu vozmojnosti nam Vsem !
  17. Арёте на админа ! Не арите а ждите открытия
  18. Эй Игра еще не началась а Вы Балбесы ар
  19. Servers are back online. All Active players have got 1000 Credits COMPENSATION.
  20. i just buy all buff but i can't play, have support for that.
  21. E

    monkey coders)). so, maybe lets talk about BK 100% stun? is that legal ?
  22. This is what support answer to me "We have a technical issue which we try to solve as soon as possible. Our dedicated servers was up for a long time and we had no issue, but there can be sometimes such issue and we apologies for it." So well believe me we all wait, and in this situation i can not do anything just wait.
  23. A

    Hope wont be long from now ..
  24. Today's morning started a bit sad for all of us since we have problems with Server. It's a technical issue from Hosting Providers ISP which affected our Server. Unfortunately nothing can be done from my side to make it back online faster. You don't have to worry, i am sure it will be back pretty soon and servers will turn on automatically. A Compensation will be given to all active players to show we care our Server. Best regards!
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    Fix Guide 1. Close game client2. Download the missing ARIALUNI.TTF font from Right click on the file you just downloaded and click Install 4. Alternatively you may download the missing font and copy it to C:/Windows/Fonts or Control Panel > Fonts 5. Start game client
  26. All about "Wings Level 2.5" Where to get items for making these Wings? They drop only in Icarus map from all monsters with low drop rate. [Hell Maine Leather, Death Beam Knight Soul, Dark Phoenix Flame, Death King Bone] Wing of Chaos (for Blade Knight & Magic Gladiator) 1x Wings Level 2 +0+4 1x Jewel of Chaos 1x Jewel of Creation 1x Hell Maine Leather Wing of Life (for Muse Elf): 1x Wings Level 2 +0+4 1x Jewel of Chaos 1x Jewel of Creation 1x Death Beam Knight Soul Wing of Magic (for Soul Master & Magic Gladiator & Bloody Summoner): 1x Wings Level 2 +0+4 1x Jewel of Chaos 1x Jewel of Creation 1x Dark Phoenix Flame Cloak of Death (for Dark Lord & Rage Fighter) 1x Wings Level 2 +0+4 1x Jewel of Chaos 1x Jewel of Creation 1x Death King Bone Maximum rate of successful combination = 60%
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