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Found 1 result

  1. Fenrir Requirements Character must be level 300 or above in order to mount the creature. Bonus Features Plasma Storm Skill. Fenrir exclusive attack. Utilizes 50 MP and 20 AG. Creation Total Materials 100x Splinter of Armor (Crywofl) 100x Bless of Guardian 10x Claw of Beast (Crywolf) 7x Jewel of Chaos (JOC) 3x Jewel of Life (JOL) 10M Zen Step 1 Place and combine 20 SOA, 20 BOG, 1 JOC into the Chaos Goblin in order to produce a Piece of Horn. The success rate of the Piece of Horn should be 70%. Step 2 Place 5 Pieces of Horn (5 successful step 1 must be completed) and 10 Claw of Beast together with 1 JOC in order to produce a Broken Horn. The success rate of the Broken Horn is 50%. Step 3 Place 1 Broken Horn, 3 JOL and 1 JOC into the chaos machine to create a Horn of Fenrir. Chaos combination needs 10 million zen. Success rate for this step is 30%. Upon success a Horn of Fenrir (also known as Red Fenrir) will be created. Upgrading Fenrir It is possible to upgrade a regular Fenrir into a protection (blue) or destruction (black) type fenrir. In order to do so an additional chaos combination is required. Note: Keep in mind when upgrading a Fenrir in the Chaos Machine there IS A POSSIBILITY of the creature being destroyed in the process. How to upgrade Place all the required materials in the Chaos Machine and upgrade. Materials 1 Horn of Fenrir 5x Jewel of Chaos (JOC) 1x Jewel of Life (JOL) Either One or more Level 4 (minimum), Option 4 (minimum) Weapon to create a Destruction Fenrir One or more Level 4 (minimum), Option 4 (minimum) Armor to create a Protection Fenrir Types of Fenrir Red Fenrir Blue Fenrir Horn of Fenrir + Protection (absorb final damage) Black Fenrir Horn of Fenrir + Destruction (increase final damage) Gold Fenrir I'm not sure about the Gold Fenrir i think you can upgrade a basic fenrir to Gold on Castle Siege.. Help here.. And I'm not sure where to get the "bless of guardian part"... Help here too...