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[Guide]Newbie for x1500server

This is for experiment and testing of our server. Yes its look like advertising my server here on yours but hear me out first...
So what we can accomplish here?

To know how much TIME we need to invest on particular server that were playing that means having a FULL STATS and ITEMS we can get(for servers that has


Private Server: www.wingedmu.com
Version: Season 9.5
Server XP: x1500
Max Stat: 32000
Reset Level: 400
Reset = 800 points * resets
Reset Cost = 1million zen * resets
70 Reset = 1GR  
1GrandReset = 11,000 points * grand resets 
GrandReset Cost = 1.5billion zen

Character: rage fighter *not fist master*
Present Stats: str= 500 , agi= 32000 , vit= 14560 , ene= 1600
Equipment: Assorted set +9+luck+increase zen on all parts, 2 pair of gloves +9 with +12 Wing of conqueror +luck+3opt, set of accessories +12+3opt and fenrir

*lets just say in this server x1500 using RF you can spot @Schriker and kill them as soon as it respawn , in your 10 resets so we can adjust later 
because getting 0rr is much difficult than if your 10rr* 

#1 We will try to get how much time to reset with +325%xp boost(Seal of healing and seal of ascension)and using 2 maps for leveling only 
-Lorencia @level 1 to level 33 *im not using muHelper here*
Mobs Count:10-12 scattered

-Arena @level 33 to level 400 "im using muHelper here to collect zen*
Mob Count:6-7 
Zen: 211,000zen
Experience: 31,423,860xp @level 400, needed xp is 70,101,920xp 
Time: 17mins *the start of time is from login to getting level 400*

Zen: 211,000zen
Experience: 9,067,250xp @level 400, needed xp is 70,101,920xp 
Time: 34mins *the start of time is from login to getting level 400*


-Full Stats: 32,000 * 4(str,agi,vit,ene) = 128,000 stat points

*Max is 7GR(70,000 stat points) + 83rr(58,100 stat points) = 128,100 stat points*

-Zen: max loot is 200,000(Mob:Schriker) using set option +30% increase amount 
on all parts + 1 ring

* 7Gr(1.5b *7 = 10,500,000,000b) + 83rr(1m *83 = 83,000,000) = 10,583,000,000b zen ofcourse these my varies because zen dont just come on

scenario #1 is 17mins = 1rr

* For 70rr=1Gr= 1,190mins or 19 to 20hours , 20hours *7GR(because 7 is the maxGR) = 140hours or 6 days!
  For 83rr=1rr=17mins , 17mins * 83rr = 1,411mins or 23 to 24hours or atleast 1day!
  For full stats = 7Gr(6days) + 83rr(1day) = 7 days to get to full stats! 

*Im using xp boost which is equal to +325%(Seal of ascension(150wcoin for 1 day) and seal of healing(150wcoin for 1 day))
 and its solo spot when I've tested it...

Scenario #2 is 34mins = 1rr because theres no any xp boost here

* For 70rr=1Gr= 2,380mins or 39 to 40hours , 40hours *7GR = 280hours or 11 to 12 days!
  For 83rr=1rr=34mins, 34mins *83rr = 2,822mins or 47hours or atleast 2 - 3 days!
  For full stats = 7GR(12days) + 83rr(3days) = 15 days to get full stats!

15days * 24hrs = 360hrs 

Let's say you can play 5hours a day, 5times a week? So thats 25hours a week  = 14.4weeks or 3.5months.


*************Please this is just a test and estimations so there's so much in the game than what it looks like.
*************My math is not accurate and there's so much discrepancy that could happened here.
*************I hope to see this test on every private servers to atleast give us a heads up.

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1GR every two days is easy.. with +xp boost.. Im using ascension normal and healing + panda ring and pet.. =+420%xp i think.. so a month can make a full stats and maybe full F.O ITEMS

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