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[Guide] How to get FREE Credits, Wcoins

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Useful guide on how to earn Credits (Wcoins x20), in order to get best items, without paying real money.

1. Vote Reward - Vote every 12 hours for our server.

2. Game Events, Bosses - Finish events, Kill map bosses and get not only exp, nice items but also receive Wcoin rewards as well.

3. Referral System - Invite your friends to register and play. More info HERE

4. Reset Reward - Get Credits (Wcoins) just by making resets for your characters.

5. Grand Reset Reward - Get Credits each time when you make grand reset.

6. Market - Attend the game events, hunt bosses, get rare and expensive items, in order to sell them on the market.

7. Rankings - Each month will be events like Top Voters, Top Online Players and more.

8. Events - Participate in game GM made events and forum events.

As you see there are many ways to earn Credits, Wcoins without paying real money. Good Luck to everyone!

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